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34216864901 34 21 6 864 901 6864901 V20-40054

34216864901V 34216864901 34 21 6 864 901 6864901 V20-40054  féktárcsa 34216864901V 34216864901 34 21 6 864 901 6864901 V20-40054  féktárcsa
20 630,53 HUF bruttó
(16 244,51 HUF nettó)
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Cikkszám: 34216864901V

Szállítói termék száma: V20-40054

EAN szám: 04062375199044

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E81 E87 E87LCI E90 E90LCI E91 E91LCI E92 E92LCI E93 E93LCI X1 (E84)

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Beszerelési idő: 1.50óra

Mennyiség autónként: 1 db

Általános információ: In the warranty, we always make a distinction between wear
parts and vehicle parts. All wear parts are subject to a
reduced warranty period and a maximum mileage.

Brake components such as brake disks, brake pads, etc.
maximum of 1000 km (break-in period). Therefore, warranty
claims for brake parts are only reviewed with an
installation invoice and a record of the wheel hub run-out
measurement, including photos.

For brake disks and brake pads, the break-in requirements
specified by the vehicle manufacturer must be observed.

When replacing brakes, the chassis components must always be
checked with regard to clearance and the wheel hub with
regard to wobble, and the appropriate documentation must be

If the vehicle is no longer in its original condition due to
tuning work such as wheel accessories and tracking plates,
the entitlement to make warranty claims is lost due to
third-party work. The same warranty claims are lost if the
vehicle is used for motor sports or similar events.

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